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Israel – Internship – Life Skills – Self Discovery – Jewish Wisdom

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ALT is defined as:the Premiere Jewish Experience in Israel; an Academy of Life Skill Training;a Place for Self Discovery; a Solid Resume Builder; a Great Summer or Gap Year Option

Gain Life Vision before jumping into the work world!

If 1 Part Hydrogen + 2 Parts Oxygen = HOO!

So what makes up the ALT program?

Internship/Career Development
Practical Life Skills
Insights into Jewish Wisdom
Great Times


Jerusalem $ Program Cost – NOT Including Airfare*

Different Start Dates for Winter/Summer 2021

Internship Positions Available to Choose from in Israel

  • Summer '21: Jerusalem
  • May 31 - July 25; June 21 - Aug 15; July 5 - Aug 29
    • Men’s & Women’s Session
    • $399 + Airfare

  • Apply Now
  • Winter '20 - '21
  • Dec 29 - Feb 22, Jan 18 - March 3
    • Men’s & Women’s Session
    • Price varies depending on participant’s region

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ALT Details

You’re going to have a great time & learn lots… here is a sneak preview

Sample Life Skill Topics

The Academy of Life Training aims to equip our students with the knowledge and know-how to develop in three core areas of their life: professional development, social life/relationships, and spiritual development. ALT offers single-gender trips where our inspiring staff share valuable life skills culled from their observant Jewish tradition. The topics which will be covered in learning sessions are specifically chosen due to their relevance to the average young adult nearing the transition from academia into the work world.

Some of ALT’s Topics for Discussion & Investigation

Character Development
Life Balance

Weather the ups & downs of careers.

Building Healthy Self Confidence

Role for Spirituality in One’s Life

Intro to Depth Behind Jewish Mysticism

Relevance of Jewish Philosophy to Modern Life

Touring & Awesome Trips!

We assume that most of our participants have done Birthright trips or visited Israel as a tourist.  Our trips focus on exposing our students to parts of Israel the average tourist doesn’t get to see.

In addition to fun activities & beautiful hikes, we will try to show you the beauty of the Land of Israel and her inhabitants.

Sample Touring & Trip Destinations

Swim with Fish

Visit Top Israeli Startups

Desert Hikes

Beach Trips

Dialogue in the Dark

Meet with Business Execs

Desert Hike

Hear from Business Leaders

Camping on the Beach

Weekly Overview of Your 8 Great Weeks in Israel

The first 2 weeks focus travelling around and doing great trips in the afternoons, and building the foundation of life skill development with exciting small group discussions in the morning.

The next 6 weeks are mainly internship time, with late afternoon learning sessions 3 nights a week.

Week Weekday AM Weekday PM Weekend
1 Life Skill Symposium Trips & Touring Group Shabbaton
2 Life Skill Symposium Trips & Touring Free Weekend
3 Internships Internships / Learning  Group Shabbaton
4 Internships Internships / Learning Free Weekend
5 Internships Internships / Learning Group Shabbaton
6 Internships Internships / Learning Free Weekend
7 Internships Internships / Learning Free Weekend
8 Life Skill Capstone Fun Trips & Banquette Group Shabbaton

Sample Schedule for Weeks 1 & 2

9:30 – 10:15 10:30 – 11:00 11:15 –  12:00 Afternoon
Small Group Discussion Small Group Discussion Group Class Touring & Trips
Building Real Self Confidence Finding Yourself  Personal Development Waterfall Hike
Connecting One’s Past & Future Basics of Jewish Philosophy Connecting to Spirituality  Zip Line
Identifying your Unique Skill Set Finding Meaning in Work Building Life Balance Outdoor Market

Weekly Schedule for the Internship Phase (Weeks 3-6)

Day Times of Internship Evening Programming
Sunday 9:15am – 5:00pm Free Night!
Monday 9:15am – 5:00pm Dinner with Local Family
Tuesday Learning & Fun Time from 10am ALT Programming
Wednesday 9:15am – 5:00pm Free Night!
Thursday 9:15am – 5:00pm Free Night!

ALT Program Dates

Session Dates Living Late Afternoon Activity
2 Month Winter Session Dec 29 – Feb 22 Jerusalem
Men’s & Women’s Summer Session 1  2021 May 31st – July 25th  Jerusalem  Jerusalem
Men’s & Women’s Summer Session 2  2021 June 21st – Aug 15th Jerusalem Jerusalem
Men’s & Women’s Summer Late Session 3  2021 July 5th – Aug 29th Jerusalem Jerusalem
Tel Aviv 2021 (limited space) May 31st – July 25th Tel Aviv
(after 1st 2 weeks)
Tel Aviv

What will you Gain

Valuable Work Experience

Boost your skill set through hands-on training at a number of A+ internships in Israel

Experience Israel like a PRO!

Work and live in an authentic Israeli environment.  Tour places not visited by standard group trips.

Life Tools

Learn how to perfect your strengths, manage your weaknesses, & persevere through the challenges of life

Discover Yourself

Through the various experiences and learning competent of the trip, you will gain deep insights into the real you

About the ALT Vision

The Academy of Life Training (ALT) is the ideal environment for developing life skills while growing from a great internship in Israel. ALT offers single-gender trips where our inspiring staff share valuable life skills culled from their observant Jewish tradition. The ALT staff show students how to analyze and develop themselves in three central areas: social life, spiritual life, and professional life.

All 2-month programs are run in partnership with Onward Israel.  There are separate 2-month women sessions and men sessions in both Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem during the summer, whereas in the winter we only have 2-month Jerusalem sessions.  Each session is expected to have a small-group feel.

Skills focused on



Self Confidence


Character Development


Life Balance


Individual Life Purpose


Who is ALT for?

Sarah Doe

Students currently in college or recent graduates

People looking to advance their career path with a great internship in Israel

Some one who is emotionally and psychologically sound

People interested in learning about tools to become a better person/employee/friend

Students with an interest in learning cool insights from Jewish wisdom

Some one looking to gain more from their summer internship

Johnny Doe

Find a direction for life… before the river sweeps you away

That’s what they said

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