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2 & 4-month Internship programs, 1-week Israel Solidarity Trips

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Impactful Internships - Solidarity Trips like no other - Unbelievable Experiences

Summer Internship

For 8 years the ALT program has been a premiere Onward Israel option

Summer '25 Dates: Session 1: Jerusalem & Haifa: May 19 - July 13
Session 2: Jerusalem & Tel Aviv, June 9 - August 4
Click Here to sign-up for the Summer '25 ALT jInternship program:

1-Week Israel Solidarity Trip

Volunteer and show solidarity with Israel at it's great time of need.

Summer '24 Dates: August 4-11
Click Here to sign-up for the Summer '24 Israel Volunteering Solidarity Trip

4-month Internship Program

Rejuvenate your career path while mentally and spiritually recharging in Israel
Fall '24 Dates: Sept 8 - Jan 7

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Learn about Life before Jumping into your Career

Many college students don’t take time to figure out who they are and what they are doing with their life before they jump into their career.  The ALT program allows you to gain critical life skills and perspectives before jumping into the fast-track of life

Why ALT ? Because it's the best of all worlds

Great Internships

Learn essential skills for personal devleopment

Great Trips

12 days of touring sets this program apart

Life Skills

Learn essential skills for personal devleopment

Friends 4 Life

Meet new people from all over the world

Good times, unforgettable experiences

Beyond tremendous internships, participants build life-long bonds and enjoy 12 days of touring and life skill training

Alumni Testimonials

“My internship has been incredible! I am working in an adipose tissue stem cell research lab at the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine. The Onward Israel jInternship experience has opened a tremendous number of doors for me.”
Mike E, pre-med
“Didn't know anyone on the program and made lots of friends. It taught me so much about who am I as a person especially after leaving university and not knowing what I wanted to do and where to go in life, it gave me direction and gave me connections and experiences that have helped me become a better person”
Daniel R., Graphics Design
“It absolutely changed my life. It was unbelievable living and being immersed in Israel. A lot of the value came after the program and the relationships I made there carrying over to my life. Everything about the program has been game changing. ”
Darren D., Real Estate

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